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I know there are some cloth masks available, which I have considered. But I don't know if they have some type of coating that may be irritating also. My daughter has tried the cloth masks but said they are difficult to position and she went back to her (silicone) mask. I suppose they may be at least worth a try, but the reviews I have read on them aren't really encouraging.

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Hi! After using a cpap silicone mask for 7 years I suddenly developed an allergy. Tried cloth covers, Remzss, prescription creams....nothing helped. I tried the Airtouch, which did work for me, but I can’t go for more than 1 week without REALLY CLEANING a mask or I get sick. Can’t put Airtouch in the SoClean, and it does NOT get clean by wiping with a baby wipe or cpap wipe. That foam is full of germs. Too expensive for me and my insurance coverage to buy them as often as I need them.
Then I tried CIRCADIENCE cloth mask! My miracle! Most people have trouble getting used to them as they seem to have leaks, initially. Stick with it, figure out how to adjust it....if it leaks by your eyes, pinch the fabric and roll it UP with your thumb. Sometimes I would actually fall asleep pinching the bridge of my nose a tiny bit. As you wear it, the air makes it balloon, sort of, and it fills the contours of your face. It sounds like a lot of trouble, but if you are truly allergic, as I am, keep trying. I think you will find relief. So simple to wash...I do it by hand ... Hold it under running water ( do not put in germy sink). Rinse. Hang on my water bottle to dry 3-4 hrs. Can blast it with hair dryer if in a hurry. Good luck!