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Hello @sanibelsandy, and welcome to Connect. Thank you for starting a conversation about silicone allergy and a cPAP mask. I did some research of my own and it does appear there are some masks that are made from a different type of gel, but it would be best to consult with your physician about the alternative mask types in case that you have an allergy to the other mask types as well.

While I search for some other members who also have a silicone allergy, would you mind sharing a bit more about your situation? How long have you been using a cPAP before you developed your allergy? Has your physician diagnosed your allergy and talked about any other alternatives?

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Justin, I have had my cPAP since October 2012. I developed skin breakdown (bridge of my nose) within a few weeks of using the machine. I tried various solutions, thinking it was probably a pressure from the mask issue. I tried the gel pads, adjusting the mask straps, etc. but nothing seemed to help. I finally came across an ad for RemZZs several years later and in desperation ordered some. I was surprised when the skin sores healed, thinking it was still a pressure issue; I couldn't figure out how such a thin material could provide enough cushioning to relieve the pressure and allow healing. Then it finally clicked that the nose pads on my eyeglasses were also causing skin irritation/breakdown where they came in contact with the skin. Yep, they were made of silicone. Question answered, but no really satisfactory solution. I used the RemZZs until a year or two ago, but they sometimes slipped and were a nuisance because they had to be repositioned every time I removed and replace my mask. I searched cPAP.com for other alternatives and noticed the Silentnight cushions and ordered some. They do have an advantage in that they are adhered to the mask and don't have to be removed/repositioned every time I remove and replace my mask. The problem is the size options are limited (one size fits most--ha!). They do help the skin breakdown on the bridge of the nose, but the opening is too large for my mask (Lady ZestQ) so I still get some skin irritation below my nose since the cushion opening is too large and doesn't cover the lower part of my mask opening.( Note: I also have latex allergy.) I see an allergist regularly and do have a pulmonologist that I see for my sleep apnea, but neither of them has had any suggestions to help resolve the issue. I am managing with the Silentnight nasal cushions, but again they aren't the complete solution. I was just wondering if anyone else is dealing with this issue and how they handled it. Thank you for your help.

I have been using a nasal pillow CPAP for many years and a year ago began developing a what we believe to be contact dermatitis around my eyes and exactly where the sillicone straps go along my cheeks. I have tried so many masks and have removed the fabric covers on the ResMed masks thinking that the fabric was the problem, but it seems to be the actual sillicone that is causing the problem. I need to find a solution...is there a mask that is not made using sillicone? Thank you for your help!

Hi, @rooster53 - I'd like to welcome you to Mayo Clinic Connect. That is too bad that after using your CPAP for many years you started developing what you believe to be contact dermatitis where the silicone goes along your face.

I am hoping that some of the members in this discussion, like @sanibelsandy @bernese53 @steventomer @taran @delolulara and others may have some ideas for you of masks not made of silicone.

@rooster53 - did your doctor have any input on what was going on with your facial reaction and how to proceed?

I believe I may also have a silicone allergy. I recently underwent surgery to remove my silicone breast implants. I was having horrible BII symptoms. After surgery I had horrible reactions to my drains that were placed. I had weeping blisters where the drains layed on my body. I also reacted to the medical tape placed over my incisions. This rash was bright red raised and both were extremely uncomfortable and painful. I will be getting tested soon to confirm allergy.

Hi this is Gizmo I have been using C-pap machine for a couple of months first month was ok, going into second month started having problems. Nose was getting irritated and getting red inside. Then I noticed apneas was were starting to increase I was having trouble breathing through my nose. I am using a nasal mask doctor raised the pressure a couple numbers did help a Little bit than I notice every time I would put the mask on my bp would go high,I would take the mask off bp will go back to normal tried a couple different mask including full face mask same thing would happen and I would always wake-up with brain fog in the morning. Than I tried not using my C-pap machine for two days bp stayed normal and I didnt have brain fog in the mornings
Than I tried using the machine again with a nasal mask and bp shot up within 5 minutes took the mask off and bp went down I know it's something with the mask, will be seeing doctor to see if I am allergic to the silocone in the mask did anyone else have this problem and what did you do to solve the problem

I’ve used a C-Pap for over 5 years. The allergy is relatively new. I’ve used a soclean machine for over 2 years. I often wonder if this has compounded the problem.