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Dealing with Sciatica pain

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@marple I understand sciatica pain I just had a bout with it . I have always gone to a reputible chiropractor for this and he has put taken care of my sciatica pain with adjustments ,not to bones they don't do bones but released the muscle that imtrapped the nerve . Just what I do but it is a relieve almost instantly . Just my suggestion to you

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I am trying myofascial release massage. Has anyone had luck with or tried that?

@marple@lioness Yes ,Chiropractors can be great for some people. It's something you could try. I was told by my primary doctor to not let a Chiropractor tough my neck it was so bad, so I just let him do my thoracic and Lumbar. It ended making me worse, but my husband goes all the time. I'm the person that had the 9 hour fusion surgery, from T-10 to my pelvis and also stenosis that was trapping a nerve or nerves. I wear a brace now and doing very well. I had the surgery on June 9th, so it's almost been 3 months. I walk 1/4 mile this morning, which my surgeon wants me to do. I will go out again, I'm suppose to go out often.

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