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Dealing with Sciatica pain

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I have sciatica and the nerve pain goes down back of thigh and around the knee and down the shin. Sometimes my foot falls asleep. Is this normal? Waiting on an SI shot but in tons of pain. Can't take nsaids.

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I too had sciatica pain more than once and saw specialists, and PTs. The consensus is if you are diligent in stretching those hamstrings, the pain will usually go away in its own, as long as you are consistent in doing the exercises. This will take some time, a few weeks before you hope to see results, but is always better than having a more radical approach. Having epidurals for this condition usually are not effective for very long, if at all, and you want to avoid injections in your spinal area at all costs due to possible scarring. Of course this is based on you not having any other issues that are more serious.
Good luck and hope this helps.

I have sciatica also. However my last bout I think is from my l4 burst lumbar fracture. I am going to try another epidural. Usually works and lasts for quite some ti.e.

@marple I understand sciatica pain I just had a bout with it . I have always gone to a reputible chiropractor for this and he has put taken care of my sciatica pain with adjustments ,not to bones they don't do bones but released the muscle that imtrapped the nerve . Just what I do but it is a relieve almost instantly . Just my suggestion to you


My wife had the same kind of pain you described. A scan showed that there was a narrowing in her spinal canal, putting pressure on her sciatic nerve. She had a minimally invasive surgery to clean out that area, giving more space for the nerve, and her pain was pretty much gone within a day.


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