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Dealing with Sciatica pain

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@junebug15 regarding sciatica, I have read many posts regarding this. I've had two epidurals and several steroid with lidocaine shots just above my buttock. All seemed to work, but the streoid shots were very short term 1-2 days for pain. I have all the spinal problems that begin with an 'S. Saw my PT twice last week, who does manual massage to move muscles off offended nerves,( would this be the ART?@ ultrasound heat instrument and followed by electrical stim. In the past all my treatments have been fairly successful, but the latest pain seems to be my sciatica nerve coupled with with a bulging disc and the pain meds don't seem to do much for the sciatic nerve. I take ,1 advil plus 1 7.5 Norco upon awaking and sit against heating pad. Thought of going back to pain doctor whose basic method is an epidural or nerve abilation. Problem is my husband has been asked to retire and we must move out of our mobile home that still has mortgage, but first clean up the clutter that has accumulated, have the house thoroughly cleaned and then start packing up but my main concern is with an epidural or steroid shot, you are supposed to take it easy for awhile which no one ever told me before and I started doing household chores only to lose the benefits of the cortizone. A church organization called Love ,Inc. is waiting to come help me clean, once the house has been decluttered and my pain meds are no longer as effective... especially the sciatica. So what really works the best for sciatica? So sorry to be so lenghy. Have not had time to look up social agencies recommended by
A fellow poster whose name starts with a "J" all medical complaints aside, it seems as though decluttering is priority # 1 and then groups will be able to help. I,m so tired. Medical co pays are piling up. I need to get some lab work done for my PC but Medicare and secondary supplement
Is no longer paying for much of this. Poster J with social agencies, I will get back to you soon. Victorious 69.

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@virtuous69 - I'm glad to hear that you've been able to make progress since we last spoke. Decluttering can be a real challenge for those of us who think that we might need an item someday. I've been trying to get rid of things, starting with my closets - yes, it is plural! I lost 60 lbs in 2015, and my clothing sizes have shrunk, so I'm finding it easier to get rid of all the shirts and pants that are now too big. I figure by getting rid of them, I have more motivation not to regain the weight. I have a garbage bag of shirts in the car to give someone at church who works with homeless and prison graduates. I'm a little surprised that you haven't already paid all of the co-pays for Medicare. I usually reach that level by March or April.

My wife had her first steroid shot for sciatica a week ago, and is so happy to be able to get up and move without terrible pain. We're hoping it will last for awhile. I won't tell her that it could only last for days, rather than months.


@jimhd Well only 2 boxes went to the shredder and 2 bags went to garbage. Sadly the co pays are unpaid bills from the past, not enough denero, paying 1 or two docs per month. Medicare has changed what it pays for in 2017 and will be worse in 2018. .No longer pays for labs. My PC wants me to get a bunch of lab work done that may not be even partially covered and today I will call UCSF in SF to cost out and get an appt for a root canal re-do. I think they take payments and we Don:t know if we'll even have a place to live in two months. I hope your wife gets long relief from her steroid shot. Some do and others don't work at all. Thx for for thinking I made progress. There's 5 x more stuff to toss. I've lost my will and my strength to go on. Today we call a repair man to re do a temp fix on a leaky skylight. Dori

Hi, Dora @virtuous69 - It doesn't sound like you have a Medicare prescription supplement. Once I pay the 300 deductible, I never pay anything for labs, or for anything else, for that matter. I hope you'll find the energy to get ready to move.

Do you have a town in mind where you'd like to live? We did when I retired, but we had to settle for the town nearby that had property we could afford, and still be close to the city where all the stores, and more importantly, all the doctors are.


Hi Jim, we did take out AARP as secondary to Medicare and finally just took out Physical Mutual for dental. Blessings Dori