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Dealing with Sciatica pain

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Hi Justin: My dr. said it would take 24-48 h. before I would feel any difference. I haven't felt much better. I am scheduled for another shot next week. Since I had problems with the piriformis muscle before I wanted to have a shot in that area before I had an epidural. That would be my last resort. I also want to start PT. Am interested in ART (active release therapy) which I heard can be very beneficial. I have absolutely no pain upon sitting but feel severe muscle cramping in my groin and lateral thigh upon standing. Was wondering if anyone else had the same problems. Am just not sure if this is from bulging discs or spinal stenosis.

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I completely understand your caution when it comes to anything entering near your spinal cord and you cannot be faulted for trying everything else before you try an epidural if that is what makes you the most uncomfortable.

In regards to ART, I would like to invite @predictable to the conversation as he has done some research on this type of therapy and discussed it on Connect in the past.

Hi Junebug 15. I have similar pain and cramping in my right front thigh and groin. It's very disabling and I have a blind 88 year old husband to care for. This started after back surgery...I was put into a broken bed hours after surgery and it crashed from the highest to the lowest position and my whole body jerked. When I went home 3 days later I lost consciousness and fell because I was not told that two of my meds could not be taken together. Apparently I was supposed to be born with that knowledge! I seemed to be ok for 6 months and then pain started...so I've gone the usual round of primary Dr ordering physical therapy, no help. Nerve tested by neurologist, I have bad nerve damage so on to a pain Dr. She tried various opioids, no help. I've had ablations on both sides, no help. Last thing was caudal epidural, helped some but seems to be wearing off after 10 days. The whole leg is getting weaker and sometimes I almost fall. I don't know at this point if I should get a spine stimulator or start looking into a wheelchair. Treatment has gone on for over a year...I don't know where to turn anymore.

Hi.  So terribly sorry to hear about what you have be been enduring.   I wish I had the answer for you.  I just came back from my second shot today but got no immediate relief, so will have to wait and see.  Don't give up.   I would continue working with a neurologist to try and find the origin of the pain.  I'm assuming you've had an MRI.  Sometimes it's very time consuming trying to find the right doctor but when you do it makes it all worthwhile.   Much luck to you.  Sending hugs.

I had the MRI before injection and I do have a bulging disc plus stenosis and Scoliosis. . I have pain when I sit, lie or walk for any distance. I am taking two extra strength Tylenol every 8 hours. The pain is in my lower back, right buttocks, right leg, ankle and foot. Floor stretches sometimes help. I really don't want surgery at my age (86).

I also have sciatica my chiropractor helps me alot I'm 75 and with a defect in my power back have gone to On all my life Have you tried one for sciatica?