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Dealing with Sciatica pain

Spine Health | Last Active: Oct 28, 2023 | Replies (131)

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Hello @junebug15, I am sorry to hear of your recent diagnoses.

I would like to invite @blindeyepug, @goodtime376, @pat3316, @jeriliz, and @jjwest to this discussion as they have all discussed having spinal stenosis as well and may be able to offer some insight regarding your concerns with treatment options and epidurals.

@junebug15, did your physician(s) mention or talk about how long the shots would take to start having an affect?

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The lower back epidural injections for stenosis did nothing for me. The Hyalan type injections for my shoulders did nothing as well.Had this done by an anesthesiologist who now operates a "pain clinic" at a small hospital on L.I. N.Y. In my case, taking steroids that are not effective, is not worth the risk. So far I'm doing the best on Medical Marijuana and Ibuprofen twice or 3 times a day, Plus PT twice a week. Check out the latest issue of Consumer Reports for an extensive article on Back Pain. Good luck with your treatment choice and don't believe everything the doctor tells you. Check the treatments and drugs yourself, reading and talking to fellow sufferer's and ask tough questions, of the doctors.

I also had severe sciatic pain radiating down my left leg (L 4-5 and other herniated discs). Had a shot in periformis muscle 12/16. I am happy to tell you that it is still holding!

Hey goodtimes. Had my second shot today but I really have some negative feelings about its effect. Will do like the first time and give it 24 to 48 hours, but that also did not seem to help. Do not think I will go for a third. Started physical therapy and am interested in Active Release therapy which I will discuss with my PT. Contacted the Mayo Clinic, as I'm looking for a really good neurologist to discuss this condition with, especially before I would have an epidural. I want to make sure I get a second opinion on a diagnosis before I do anything further. (And yes, I do question my dr. And his treatment regimen). It's quite discouraging but I'll keep plugging away. thanks for your input, sending hugs and best wishes.

Hi Pat. So glad you were able to get relief from your pain. I had my second steroid injection today into the piriformis but don't have very high hopes regarding the pain reduction. I had this condition before, and like you, had a piriformis injection and received very quick relief. That is why I choose again to have a piriformis injection rather than an epidural. I started PT and hopefully this will give me some relief. I'm also interested in Active Release therapy and need to find a really good massage therapist that does this. I'm hopeful that eventually I will get some relief as you did. Take care and stay well.

My injection started helping the next day. However did not help as long as I had hoped. I did not want another for at least three months and am happy I have an appointment for another this next week. 🙂

Had my 2nd spine injection last Tuesday. Did not hurt as badly after injection as first time. I don't think the pain relief is as great after this one, but hopefully will improve. I am definitely improved over before I had any injections.