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Have you been to a rheumotologist? If so, I would get a second opinion. Some autoimmune diseases give you low grade temps (lupus). I would just keep researching and see if you can get another opinion. You know your body better than everyone else. I see you are avoiding pain medicine, but are you taking anything? RA will just get worse and attack your joints if you don’t take anything to stop it. I hope you get some answers. We are all here to support you.

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I have just recently be diagnosed with LUPUS. It was a freak discovery through a skin biopsy. Waiting tobre RA dr. But my whole life I have run low grade fevers for “no reason”. No one could ever know why. I am almost 70. I’d bet lupus could be a consideration.
God bless.

Hi @whyus,

Welcome to Connect. Thank you for joining this discussion and for sharing bit about yourself. You mentioned having lupus e; did you mean Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)?

Here is some information from Mayo Clinic that you may wish to view: http://mayocl.in/2pJQ13K

I’m hoping @seesawer @sandpiper09 @jewel8888, will also join in with their insights

@whyus are you taking any medications presently? May I ask if you also have rheumatoid arthritis?

I recently have been diagnosed with Lupus, also. I am 56. I have rheumatoid arthritis, fybromyalgia, spinal stenosis and now Lupus. This apparently is what has been causing my recent months of low grade fevers. Well, on ward to figuring out how to fight this new illness.

Hi @blindeyepug,

At times life throws us some serious curve-balls, and I want you to know that the Connect community is here for you; you are not alone.
@blindeyepug, did your doctor specify whether you have a certain type of lupus?

@blindeyepug , Laura? Hi, i hope you dont mind my butting in. I missed you. Are you ok?

Lupus is a mutation of mis-folded protein, otherwise known as amyloidosis. My sister has it.

See a hematologist/oncologist who is willing to work with the labs I mentioned elsewhere, or go to one of them on your own. Most Amyloidosis is fatal, but if you get it treated soon enough, it can prolong your life and quality some.

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