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My partner had a stroke in February. He woke up in the middle of the night very nauseous and threw up the rest of the night. We thought he must have gotten food poisoning as we were out that night. I stayed home to care for him as he was too sick to move. The following day he seemed better…aside from a terrible headache and dizziness. I went to work, came home to him seeming better, but light sensitive. He held some food down, but still had trouble walking, he was so dizzy. We thought he was dehydrated. The next morning, his head still pounding, we went to emergency. They gave him saline and pain killers, but it was not improving. The took him in for a ct scan, which they told us showed a "mass" in his brain, and that they were doing a second scan with contrast to see what was going on. It was then they confirmed that he had had a brain bleed, and a brain shift, which was causing hydropathy. They then called for an ambulance to take him to RCH, where they inserted a shunt to relieve the pressure in his brain. We were in complete shock. He is a healthy 45 year old! Has never smoked, casually drinks, and was in good to average shape. There were no warnings at all.
He spent 10 days in hospital to ensure the spinal fluid was clear and not accumulating in his skull.
Home now for about 6 weeks. He is still dizzy, and feels, what sounds like from being described by some of you, as "disassociated". He gets tired and overwhelmed easily.
We are scared that this will never go away, and not sure what to do. He goes for his first follow up this week, with the neurosurgeon.

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Hi, I am scared of never being the same too! 7 months and I am still not the same. Better, but not the same. I spent two months in the hospital. I nap daily now and do about an hour of exercise five or six days a week. I do everything I think I can to help my body heal. I also had no signs or symptoms of stroke until I fell on the floor with one.

It's a hard one to recover from, mine was 10 months ago. You will make progress but its slow. Everyone is different but you have to keep stretching the mussels, you will have set backs, for example i started shock therapy and lifting weights. My body went into defensive mode and i regressed for 3 weeks. The spasticity increased, but i kept working on it and it started to relax. It set me back but i think i will reach a new level. If you let it get you down it will. Things are bad but always can be worse. I suggest finding a pool. You got to build up your endurance, i would keep a few light chairs around, because i would be winded after a few minutes of walking. Now i can go 20 minutes plus. Last thought, your relearning everything, you have to do it over and over, no stress, eat healthy, you will see improvements. Im 57 and my eyes open, since i have to face the day, im going to hit it head on.