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My Neurologist told me that my head and shoulders tighten because of Nystagmus in my eye - my head and shoulders are trying to hold my world in focus. I get a humming sound in my ears (sounds like the recycled air noise on an airplace) before the headache begins.

I have to shorten the amount of time I go out shopping and I used to love heading to outlet malls to shop-for-sport for a day. No longer!

it has improved from the early days after my stroke but I can maybe shop for a couple of hours at the mall but not during crazy busy times.

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I suffered with headaches the whole 1 st after my stroke. Fine when eyes were closed and sleeping, but at soon as I opened them in the am, my head would start pounding to some degree, not terrible, but very annoying and bother some. I was driving one day and felt like I had another event coming on, felt dizzy, could not see clearly and the scariest part want when it seemed to be getting dark outside in early afternoon, 2 pm or so.
Kept driving till I got to a clinic I knew of (which turned out to be 10 minutes farther that I thought) and got ck'd out. Again as many have said, Dr's really couldn't tell much because the symptoms subsided by the time I got there. Did EKG and etc. In the end of the visit the doctor suggested I try Propranonal for the headaches (works for blood pressure for some, if needed also). I hate taking pills, but after a week more of headaches, I gave in and tried it. What a difference it made for me!! Within 2 days, most of the headaches subsided, still feel light headed a fair amount, but headaches are much better.
Doctors don't know why Propranonal works for headaches, just know that it helps. Also will calm nerves just a tiny bite.
Hope this helps. Kept the faith!!