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This and That and Talk - My Transplant

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This is in response to diet and weight loss through the transplant process. Prior to transplant (pancreas) I lost a great deal of weight due to gastric issues. Ironically while still having giant yoyo blood sugars! At the time I was malnourished and losing hair also. Following transplant I was unable to wear any of my previous clothes because of distension and tenderness in my stomach. Immediately following the transplant I continued losing weight for a while and then gained a little back. Over the last year I have been working on losing again in hopes of getting a better bmi and into the normal range of weight/height/age. I am now down 3 dress sizes and on the brink of needing to shop for the next smaller size. I hope to lose another 20 pounds for a total loss of 90 pounds from my highest ever weight. I am on 5 limiting diets and eat when I am hungry rather than on a schedule. I drink a great deal of water, black coffee, herbal tea and chicken broth. I tend to run low on sodium, so the chicken broth helps with that. Thank God for small favors! lol I limit dairy, fiber, oxalates, fats and carbohydrates. The carb cuts are mostly from dropping potatoes and things made with flour. I also rarely eat eggs or drink soda, as they seem to upset my stomach. I do not have gluten intolerance, I just feel better without the flour products. We mostly cook from fresh at home, so that cuts out a great deal of preservatives also and help me feel better. Exercise is difficult because of trembling and balance issues, but I do my best to keep up with yoga, stretching and walking. I’m thinking of attempting swimming laps, but just have not made that commitment yet. I encourage everyone to do your best and be mindful of what your hands are doing and what you put in your mouth. If you eat something you shouldn’t have . . . we all have. Just start over. We can do this!

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Thanks for the encouraging advice. I’ve been lazy lately and need to put your words to action.
I hope that you get to go on that shopping trip soon!

@2011panc, How are you doing?
I have been dying of curiosity! Are you getting near your shopping spree?
I am inspired by all of the healthful discussion here, and have recently become more serious about exercise and eating. Thanks for the inspiration:-)

@rosemarya I am on my way home from Rochester after an extended stay for additional testing for diarrheal issues. It was not what I thought it was, so I am disappointed that there will be no easy fix. However, I have a plan of action in place and will go from here. On a happy note, my husband did take me shopping to the Albertville Outlet Center. It was a lovely spring day and I visited almost every store. I picked up a few nice things for myself and enjoyed the day very much.

I am just catching up on my mail. While travelling I had trouble connecting and getting through all my mail. Overall I am well. During this trip I began having increased arthritic pain in my spine. It has been a problem for a very long time, it’s just that the increase in pain is significant. Even though I am not a water baby, I will have to get in the pool now. I really need to be able to move with less pain and expect the water buoyancy will help. I had a complete gastric workup at Mayo, which was grueling because of the fasting and tests performed. Thankfully everything was done in 5 days. I am really starting to dislike having to fast for tests. lol

@2011panc I’m happy for you that is over now. I know how difficult it is to go for constant tests.
As you may recollect, I use a pool a lot for exercise. It’s a Godsend. I have to drag myself there but afterwards I have more energy and I feel good about going. I am a sociable person but don’t slow me down when I am jogging laps in the pool! I want to get them done and get out.

@2011panc Shopping is therapeutic, isn’t it? Teresa

@2011panc, I hope that you will sleep good in your own bed tonight! I am going to be on the sidelines, and cheering for you as you proceed with your plan of action.
A lovely spring day with shopping (and finding some nice things) sound like a nice way to treat yourself after your rugged week.

Do you stay at the Gift of Life House when you go to Mayo in Rochester?

@2011panc Fasting and tests are not fun at all. The stress of the testing is bad enough. I remember joking with my nurses during my 2 week hospital stint prior to transplant about the ‘mayo diet’ that they had me on because of so many fasting procedures.
It is amazing how Mayo can get so much accomplished in a short span of time. People here at home, cannot imaging such a thing.

Please keep in touch.

@2011panc, I’m just getting caught up with emails. I can’t help but notice your comment about arthritis in your spine. Have you been screened for Ankylosing Spondylitis (arthritis of the spine but also other joints)? It often takes 10 years to get a diagnosis because before arthritis appears in imaging of the spine the symptoms can be “explained” away. There are great medications to manage future progression and pain so it is worth seeing a rheumatologist if you don’t have a reason for the arthritis in your spine. Either way, water exercise is great for arthritis of any kind so I hope you can enjoy adding that to your daily routine. Best of luck finding a way to keep moving because that is the key with arthritis of any type.

Well, @rosemarya I am not home yet. I stopped off to spend a few days with my son and we are binge watching Blindspot. I have never binge watched anything before so this is quite interesting to me. I expect to finish the last half of my trip home this weekend. I am surely looking forward to my own bed! We have stayed at GOL almost every time since I first went to Rochester, MN. Rarely they do not have room for us, but it has been such a Godsend for us to have a home atmosphere and reduced housing costs when we have to go.