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Sunscreen and sun protection!!!
Yesterday the temperature reached a beautiful sunny 80 degrees here 🙂 Hubby and I went for a hike. It was through a forested area and after a climb, we were on a ridge top in total sun. So here is me: long hiking pants, and a long sleeve shirt (my preference to all-over-body sunscreen), and a broad brimmed hat and sunscreen on face, neck, hands. .
I once had a man tell me that I was not dressed for the weather while on a hike. grrrrh

How do you do the sun protection?

Sending you sunshine,

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@rosemarya Hi Rosemary. As I mentioned, I believe in a different thread, I too positively abhor the way sunscreen feels on my skin. As much as possible I just stay in the shade. We have been in the Caribbean a couple of times and both times I chose resorts where the accommodations were strung out along the beach, and there were palm trees. I only used sunscreen when I went in the water. I am fortunate because we have a very rustic cabin on a lake in Maine but we are on the west shore so from noon on the dock is in shade from all the tall pines. I never have to wear sunscreen up there.

I recently picked up a brochure on sun protection while at Mayo. It suggested to use sports sunscreen to avoid it running into the eyes and burning. Has anybody found a sport sunscreen that is not greasy?

@rosemarya Hi Rosemary, I’ve read that Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen, SPF 100 is supposed to work well, but I’ve never tried it. The words, “Sheer Dry-Touch” sound good and it has a high SPF. Teresa

@hopeful33250, Thank you, Teresa, I will look into this one. I currently have several Neutrogena sun protection products, and I really like them. I will look into this particular one.
Once I asked one of our high school football coaches what product he used because he has a very fair complexion and red hair. It worked, but so gooey. My problem is that when I sweat it runs into my eyes and burns like crazy.

@rosemarya Up until now I have done a good job of avoiding sunscreens but I have in the past used some from neutrogena. I recently was in a Rite Aid and they had that brand in SPF 100 and the one meant for the fact in SPF 110! I would imagine if it is specifically for the face it would be less apt to cause eye-tearing.

Hi Rosemary,I also use Neutrogena (Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 55.  Also, my foundation has some light sunscreen.  The sunscreen is really fast absorbing and doesn’t run.  I live in Florida so the fast absorbing is very important. I do wear short sleeves and a light long sleeve blouses as a cover and Capri pants or slacks.  There are sun reflecting shirts/hats that you can buy at Sports Stores or I guess online.  Skin cancer is a problem for all transplants so it is an important battle.

@eileenheart Thanks for joining the conversation and giving us a first-hand review of the product! Teresa

I'm with you…much rather wear long sleeves than sunscreen! I often wear a seasonally appropriate tank or t-shirt with a loose long sleeved shirt open over it. Arms and neck are protected well without sunscreen.

Hello Rosemary how r u? Guess who has covid? Me!! As of monday.thought it was the flu then went to a medic clinic tested for flu and covid.flu negative covid positive!per doctor atMt.Sinai went to ER at local hospital and had the monoclonal antibodies shot..hopefully this will pass soon..it is a really bad flu symptoms..oh well hope all is well with the group..As Rosanna Rosanna Danna use to say.. it's always something!!!!