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I hope your friend is doing well, very proactive and generous of her to make the video. I was just diagnosed with FMD; left carotid and both renal arteries are involved. No real symptoms, except for the whooshing in my ears. The bruits were found during a routine physical. I have to come back to Mayo in 2 years to have another MRA, in the meantime I am trying to learn as much as I can about FMD, taking aspirin, eating a plant based diet and exercising.My question is, who are the Drs. at Mayo that have an interest in and treat those of us with FMD? My local dr was in a hurry to get me into Mayo so my appointment was with a vascular doctor who had the first available appointment.

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Hi @iagrrl! So very nice to meet you and welcome to the FMD family! How are you feeling? I have found with FMD that the more you learn about the disease you will find your self saying... oh I can relate to that! Do you have any fatigue? Or joint problems? Some of us have overlapping connective tissue problems. My friend is doing well, thank you for asking. I know there is a new doctor at Mayo Vascular that is interested in FMD patients, but I cannot recall his name. I will do some digging and see if I can figure out who it is. I see Dr. Thom Rooke in vascular. Dr. Gustavo Oderich for vascular surgery and Dr. Robert Brown for neurology. With finding a doctor, find one who is knowledgeable in the area, but most importantly one that you connect with. Everyone has different personalities and finding a doctor that you can communicate with is so important. I have been diagnosed with FMD since 2004... if I remember correctly lol! It has been a while. I believe all the vascular doctors at Mayo Rochester are very familiar with FMD and will be helpful. Not every speciality is familiar with FMD, so keep that in mind if you are sent to GI or another speciality. The swooshing in the ears can drive you crazy at times! I have that too. Will you be going to Mayo Rochester?