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Hi, @ladybugmg — thanks for the article you posted and for sharing a bit of your story. That's very challenging when the slightest noise awakens you at night. You certainly have found a great way to make the best of it!

A couple of other discussions you may be interested in about trying to get a good night's sleep are:

– Some tips and discussion about sleep hygiene http://mayocl.in/2nV1XSL
– A member talks about a two-phase sleep pattern he uses http://mayocl.in/2pfHQ0K

Do you feel like the sourdough bread, tea and computer solitaire help you become sleepy, or would you say they are just nice things you do for yourself to make being awakened more pleasant?

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I think focusing on the routine helps to focus my mind on it instead of letting my mind think about anything stressful that I am dealing with daily. I am a widow and live alone and am now responsible for many of the household tasks that my late husband managed.

I previously used Sleepytime tea but after it stopped helping, I changed to Tension Tamer.

It would be nice to have a "chat room" in which those who have sleepless night could chat with each other. I am going to try to find one on the Internet so those who deal with it can share with others who are still awake in the middle of the night.

Hi try Celestial Sleepy time EXTRA it's great!!

Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't know there was an Sleepy Time Extra.

@ladybugmg There are a number of approaches I have read about getting to sleep. I think that what makes them work is that they keep your mind occupied on something non-tension causing. The one I have been using most recently is picking a letter in the alphabet and thinking of every word you can that begins with it. When you run out of words move on to a different letter. It has helped me.

The others I have read about are basically inhaling to a certain count, holding that breath for some number of seconds, and then releasing it in a sustained whoosh. That one has not worked as well for me.

A chat room could be a mixed blessing. If me, I would get so caught up in I would chat for a long time and get no sleep!

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