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IPF How To Cope with Sick Feelings

Lung Health | Last Active: Oct 19, 2022 | Replies (62)

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Hi Ray:

Welcome back to Connect, sticky keys is my middle name! Ha!

So great that you have found the exercise that works your lungs and helps you breathe.
I have discovered that when I travel the different allergens, which seem to be many, really
affect my breathing. Non the less, I keep moving, walking, running all of which keeps my
lungs filtering through the challenges we can’t even see! Right?
You have quiet a history with medical facilities, don’t you? The good news is when you travel
many will have your records!
I have been very impressed with Mayo Clinic’s over all care, which includes the medical records
that are available anytime anywhere in the world? Are you being seen at Mayo Jacksonville? If
you are they have a great team of Thoracic and Pulmonary docs! Many people praise them and
they have a great connection with the other two Mayo Clinics RST & PHX as well.

I mention this because, like you, when I get a respiratory infection it can knock me down for the
count and challenge my one lung to the max. I was in desperate need for relief a couple of years
ago and returned to Mayo Clinic RST for a treatment to get me through a horrible respiratory infection
and my doctor called in the Doctor who “invented” the drug that pulled me through.

It’s nice to know there are such great services aren’t we? Great you CONNECTed!


Hi Ray, what do you mean by rotate oxygen? Do you have any info on pulmonary hypertension and how soon it can become
Severe; it was mild three months ago, I do not have heart disease and my oxygen needs have gone to 6 ml for activity and. lower when sitting. Perplexing at best. Thank you for listening.

check out this site. https://www.phassociation.org/AboutPH. it is the home of the support group for pulmonary hypertension and should have plenty of information to help you better understand what is going on and what your future might be like.

That was a typo, sorry. should have been portable oxygen concentrater. .i bought one of the smaller ones that is easy to travel with and especially on plans.