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@contentandwell best to get as much calcium as possible from food (sometimes hard to do). Better to take the supplement in small doses (body can only absorb, cant remember the amount now, so much at a time. Calcium citrate unlike carbonate doesn't need to be taken with food and is more easily absorbed (and doesn't cause constipation!) I do think walking is good for osteoporosis: it is considered a form of weight bearing exercise.

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@sue225 According to the book I mentioned above, "Strong Women Strong Bones”, regular walking with no real impact does not help. It's still a very good exercise but not a help for your bones. There needs to be some impact. I used to use the elliptical when I work out at my health club but now I use the treadmill and make sure I have some impact.
I am trying to get it from food but being lactose intolerant it can be a challenge. I do use almond milk and that does have a good amount of calcium in it too, and I try to eat a couple of cubes of aged cheese every day. The challenge is eating calcium but not overdoing calories. Myfitnesspal gives a percentage in the calcium column, and it says I had 45% of my calcium requirement for today in this morning's breakfast but I don't know how many mgs of calcium they are basing that on.
I found out this weekend that prunes are good for your bones! That was a surprise. This is a good article I came across after I googled to find out if prunes really were good for your bones.