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@sue225. That makes sense. I have been reading the book “Strong Women Strong Bones” and that has made me aware that in your 30s you really need to doing things to preserve your bones, My daughter is in her 30s, petite, and her main exercises are walking and swimming, neither of which are very helpful in making strong bones. I intend to buy the book for her.
I am taking calcium, D3, and K. I need to keep track of how much calcium I get from food sources so I don’t overdo it. From what I understand, too much calcium can cause hypercalcemia which can actually weaken your bones! 1200 mg of calcium is the typical max.
I have used MyFitnessPal in the past to track nutrients when trying to lose weight. I’m going to have to get serious about using it to track calcium - you can choose which nutrients you want to track.

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@contentandwell best to get as much calcium as possible from food (sometimes hard to do). Better to take the supplement in small doses (body can only absorb, cant remember the amount now, so much at a time. Calcium citrate unlike carbonate doesn't need to be taken with food and is more easily absorbed (and doesn't cause constipation!) I do think walking is good for osteoporosis: it is considered a form of weight bearing exercise.

@contentandwell just checked the amount of calcium the body can absorb in supplement form: 500mg .