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@contentandwell I find myself in a similar situation. My endocrinologist in a very recent appointment gave me the option of switching to Reclast (it's called Aclasta in Canada where I am) instead of having a fourth Prolia injection. (Although she is of the opinion that my worsening gastrointestinal problems are not Prolia related. However, there is truly no way of knowing unless you stop. And, I think I'm right!). I have read up on Reclast. For me, it has two worrisome common side effects. I have an arrythmia and a severe dry eye problem and probably have minor corneal inflammations frequently. Reclast can cause arrythmias and a some patients get an inflammation of the iris and/or conjunctivitis. Then, there is the issue that the drug stays in your system for 12 months.
On a positive note, the endocrinologist prescribed this treatment for her frail 88 year old mother-in-law who has experienced mild achiness which is temporary and for that the doctor told her to take Tylenol. Also, apparently if you are thin (like her mother-in-law and like me) you can as the endocrinologist put it " coast longer than one year" on Reclast.
Stick with the devil I know?
Forteo in Canada unless you have a private drug plan through your employer or self-insured is $13,000 per year. Imagine how awful it must feel to pay for side effects!
Once again, the endocrinologist used the"F"

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@sue225 There really is no good option. I know some people swear by the natural approach but I don't honestly think it's as effective as these drugs. It's "$#%@&*^" if you, "$#%@&*^" if you don't" type of thing.

Doctors are universal in denying Prolia side effects. My gastroenterologist told me that he has a number of patients who are on Prolia and experiencing gastrointestinal issues