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Prolia treatment for osteoporosis

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I am about to get my third injection! Oh oh. I refused medication year after year, bone density test after bone density test until there was a 19% drop in the b.d. of my spine in an 18 month period. At the rate I was going, I would soon be spineless.
I did the research. All the drugs terrify me. But, time was no longer on my side. For me, the thought of losing my independence, of having to spend life in a wheel chair and all that entails scares me much more. My quality of life has always been somewhat compromised by gastrointestinal issues, chronic pain issues due to lots of osteoarthritis so I didnt want a fracture as well.
I remember the endocrinologist saying to me on one visit, " I've seen patients on the other side" (meaning those who chose not to take meds). And she referred to a patient who was still in a wheel chair two years after a hip fracture.
I dont like some of what I read in the studies either but
in my case, at this stage in my life, I felt Prolia was the best option.

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@sue225 This is a bridge that I have not had to cross yet but I can really understand your feelings. It is not an easy decision. I don't think adding any drug to your regimen is easy.

I had my PCP appointment yesterday and although I am doing extremely well overall, I am borderline high BP and cholesterol. He would like me to start on medications for them. I told I would think about it, and check out the side effects. He was OK with that. He wants me to speak to my endocrinologist about it too when I see him in the summer. Apparently having diabetes adds to the risks of these things.

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