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I am currently on my 3rd year of Prolia. I have NO side effects. I ended up switching doctors after approximately 15 years because of insurance problems/non reimbursements. I was ‘freaked’ out of my comfort zone and in the middle of treatment. I saw a new endocrinologist who agreed with the treatment as I have Systemic Mastocytosis and have had multiple fractures as well. I will continue on Prolia this year (June/May injections). See the endocrinologist and have my 1st DEXA scan after the start of Prolia. We may return to the 2 year Forteo as I had incredible results from that several years ago. I would highly recommend Prolia if needed.

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I also had incredible results with two years of Forteo, but i was told that two years was all that i could have–that i couldn’t t go back and use it again later.

Yes, that is what I was told also. I have been off several years so therefore the dr. said I could now do Prolia, but not Forteo again.

I appreciate your response and that of others in the group about the efficacy of Forteo and Prolia, but I am disappointed that no one mention how much improvement (% according to a dexa-scan) they have made. I have 3 friends who had the 2-year treatment with Forteo. Results were 0%, 2% and 5% improvement. I don't happen to think that small amount of improvement is worth the risks involved with Forteo and the user reviews I've read are not at all reassuring as some reported horrendous pain and disability after starting the treatment. About Prolia, same thing – small improvement (2 %) that hardly compensates for the risks involved. A doctor in Canada even told a traveling companion of mine  - "Don't you DARE go on Prolia – it's very hard on the system."

I have no had a DEXA scan since starting Prolia 3 years ago. I will have one Dec 2017 or early 2018. But Forteo I have tremendous results. Somewhere in these blogs I had my numbers in regards to Forteo. The rep for the company was so impressed by the results she used my ‘numbers’ when educating others. I don’t have the numbers off hand but if you look back someone asked that.

@dolan, I looked back through your posts and found this post from September 7th, 2016:

“I finally got a chance to quickly go thru my massive binder of medical records….Sept 1998 (back -3.8)(hip -1.7)….on Fosamax the first time…Aug 2004 after Forteo (neck .842) (spine(.760). back on 70 mg Fosamax in 2006 with an increased 3.3% right hip, 2.2% left hip and 10% spine. Both hips considered normal with slight osteopenia. 3rd year of Prolia will be complete Dec 2016.”

Are those the numbers you were referencing?

which is better option to treat osteoporosis Prolia (denosumab) or Reclast like aclasta injection(zoledronic acid) for post menopausal women of 77 years old?

Thank you for your posts. I am about to get my first Prolia shot and after reading some of the comments from others I was getting more and more afraid. Your posts have helped me decide its worth a try. I am almost 70 years old, have fibromyalgia and am on synthroid because I had Graves Disease but other than that I feel great :-).

I was really concerned about all the things I had read about Prolia until I read your post. I had my first injection yesterday with NO side effects. Thank you….thank you….thank you.

Hi there. Did you mean to say that you may return to Forteo even though you had full 2 years before? That's super interesting to me.

Hi “Dolan”
I’m curious how you are doing since you mentioned you have systemic mastosytosis as that is very rare and I have it as well. I see the review you did was back in 2017 and would like an update. Since we mast cell disease people have issues with meds I was curious how things are still going for you. I have also had multiple fractures from this disease, 5 in my back to date. Thanks for your review, hope to hear how you are doing. ~Susan