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I was on Bonviva for 2 years and it didn’t work. I started Prolia in January. So far the only side effects I notice are the same I had with Bonviva… stiffness in my hips and knees when I sit for a long time or first thing in the morning. I am 53 and have just started testing to see if they can discover a cause for my Osteoporosis.

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I was diagnosed at 50 with osteoporosis. It took 6 years before they realized after being sent to a rheumatologist who ran a lot of tests because of my age, that I had hyperparathyroidism.

which is better option to treat osteoporosis Prolia 60 mg (denosumab) or Reclast like aclasta injection(zoledronic acid) for post menopausal women of 77 years old? She has already taken Bonmax Pth injection for 2 years.

I have had two Prolia injections so far. I have noticed that over the winter, my hip pain is greater than it was before the Prolia. More stiffness too.

@crenhov, just want to add to the options. After a rough time with Boniva….I chose Tymlos for 18 mos. Just started month 5. No side effects. Easy to manage. Will wait patiently for next scan. NOT! Waiting is difficult, especially when you are 77. How long before testing? Be content and at ease today. Thanks for being a great Connect resource. Chris