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I, too, was concerned about the many side effects. I have been on Prolia for 2 years (ie. 4 injections) and have had no side effects. My latest bone density test showed an increase in density, which is the best part!

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Hello, I ditto @cairnmama. I began Prolia in July 2016 at 67 years of age, without side effects, however I believe the vitamins I take also are helping with hip stiffness although I've have reduced my walk activity. The doc was not satisfied with my 'moderate' bone density scan, thus I take Prolia. In Canada the drug store can't give you the injection. I must pick up my order, immediately go to the nurse at doc's office. She administers the injection in the muscle. It is a bit painful. It must be kept cold (sometimes I take a small cooler). The next 6-month injection is in the alternate arm. Hope you find this useful.

How much of an increase did you have?

My first injection was yesterday and so far so good. No additional aches of pains. I'm a happy camper so far.

I have been on Prolia for two years with no side effects. My last Dexa scan classified me as having Osteopenia instead of Osteoporosis. I had my last shot in December and will get the next one in June. I have not broken any bones since I have been on Prolia. Prior to that, a bone in my upper back broke while I was simply standing and talking to my daughter. The pain was intolerable and I was rushed to the hospital and then sent home with three months of bed rest. The second episode occurred the same way only this time it was at the right of my spine. I have had no further occurrences since being on Prolia.