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Hi! I've had PsA for many years, I am now 70. Been on Methotrexate, Azulfadine, & then finally Enbrel. Developed BOOP (lung disease), then MAI, so I needed to come off biologics. Went on Otezla that worked for a little over 2 years, then it stopped working! I'm in tremendous pain, and using prescription strength Advil. Ive been placed on meds for the MAI ( 3 antibiotics, 3X a week for 12 to 18 months) & hopefully, after 3 months, I can go back in n the biologics. Does anyone else have a similar situation? Thank you.

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Hello @fransav. I merged your post about Psoriatic Arthritis in to an existing conversation about PSA. I did this so you could meet a few of the other members talking about PSA that may be able to comment on some of the experiences you have had.

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sorry to say i have the same situation. perhaps there is not enough experimentation to help this medical condition because there is such a small percentage of people that would benefit to purchase the created medication. and therefore there is not enough money to be made for all the time involved to create it. as a small example, i have both psoriatic and rheumatoid arthritis plus sjogrens, and diabetis, hypothyroidism, stage 3 kidney, high blood pressure irregular heart beat, veins, macular degeneration and gloucoma etc., etc. i am a walking pill. HOWEVER, I AM AN 80 YEAR OLD WOMAN AND WHEN I AM OUT OF THE BOOTS I GO DANCING SATURDAY NIGHTS. WHICH IS A RARITY. STILL NEED SOME SORT OF MEDICINE FOR RELIEF OF THE PAIN BUT NOT CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES. THINK I SHOULD BUY STOCK IN ADVIL.

yes. i have many, many health problems including rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis. tylenol does NOTHING for pain. advil works but cannot take it because of the kidneys. sooooo, i take the advil and will die sooner, hopefully before i go blind because of the many health problems. so there you go, either quality or quantity of life. enjoy what you can while you can. (perhaps we can go back in time and start a commune to assist each other emotionally.)

Sorry, allergic to ibuprophen and aspirin, can't even touch it, so I don't have option, so don't talk about you do not know!!!

my response was not to hurt so i am sorry for you.  but, please do not try to hurt me.  we really are in the same boat. and i will still send you a life jacket.   sometimes i use humor to relieve stress.   

What you said was NOT humorous, it was hirtfull

to reply to you will just continue your vendetta. you should not hurt others to make yourself feel better. think i am wasting my time but i think everybody is worth another try.. don't you think so?

Give it up, you are not helping anyone with anything you posted. Others that seem to know what they are talking about , do help as they know what is going on.

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@peach414144 Sometimes people in pain lash out. And, yes, people who apologize should be given a second chance. I know I have at times been unkind when I am in pain; especially when I feel frustrated by my husband asking "well, why do you think you hurt today?" Don't get me wrong, he is very supportive but sometimes not so bright when it comes to verbalizing! LOL! At any rate, I always try my best not to take things too personally. We are each on our own journey. Some of us agree one way and some agree another and some don't agree with any of us. That's okay. People being different is what makes life challenging but also fun! Hang in there!