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Thank you. No my Dr has not advised me of AMYTHING.. it's like I did your surgery..your CT scan is normal…go away. I have had two UTI since my surgery and I am seeing a urologist wed to check that out. Right now I am VERY discouraged!

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That's exactly how surgeons react to complications that don't involve the surgery. Mine told me that I'm healthy and recovering well. I'm not.

Hi again Karen, I think I’m replying to the right comment. Thank you so much for your description of your resection and apoendux removal. I’m still facing my surgery for the same identical surgery. I’m 83 and Caregiver for 91 yr old husband, with 5 chronic illnesses! I’ve been on here several times.. 2 yrs and 4 mo. ago diagnosed with a serrated, sessile polyp in appendix… my surgeon of 8 yrs just procrastinated to final conclusion after 2 more colonoscopies 3 catscans… that
“BONNIE, we all will go there someday!!!” Speaking of Heaven I assumed! I wanted yet a Referral to Mayo… hus reply “ sure! I’ll write whatever you want!! They like that ‘weird stuff!!!! I left and never went back… got 2 more opinions and fortunately after more dismissal from UTSW Dr. !! Wrong conclusion!! I pursued yet one more surgeon I’m trusting in! But not knowing ‘if’ cancer exists in these now old polyps… precancerous!!) gave ne a potion 1 and option 2… option one was removal of appendix and polyp in appendeceal orifice.. send for lab tests… if it’s cancerous then do the resection! But he gave me option 2.. to go ahead with resection to begin w/including of course removal of appendix and polyp??! Like they did to you… now you have healing and pain issues! I’m so freaking out as I must keep caring for my 91 yr old husband! I am taking the option one (#1) of course, hoping it stops there! Thank you so much for your info. Best of luck and prayers for further healing. I love to talk to you if that’s an option from this website. Bonita (BONNIE) Fitzgerald-Bernstein🙏