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I had colon resection..laparoscopic AND open due to adhesions on Jan 4. I thought I was healing great. But now it has been 8 weeks and I have hot pains all across lower abdomen and stabbing pain where surgery was. I just had a THIRD cat scan and they say EVERYTHING looks fine…but I HURT and I BURN. I am SO frustrated!

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On 1/25 was my Sigmoid resection. When I got the same symptom you mention a old Grandma from a Family friends told me to Drink
Organic Peppermint tea, this will help me improve my digestion and strong spasms gone. all people who has this surgery ending with gastrointestinal spasms, pain and inflammation, It was a bless in my life drink this tea. I buy caffeine free Organic Peppermint from Traditional Medicinals. Also works amazing when people as irritable Bowel Syndrome. For my Constipation I eat PAPAYA early morning and next a cup of Lemon warm water and my digestive system change amazing now.

I believe it is nerve pain and I’ve had that too. Hurts more when gassy as it’s pressing in the nerves that didn’t heal properly.I’m taking a verve pain pill called gabapentin ( not sure if I spelled it right) I take it before bed and it seems to help so far but the last 2 nights I’ve woken with intense backaches. Hope you find an answer.

I'm having the exact same symptoms. On the 11 weeks into surgery. I'm really nervous. Get to see my oncologist hopefully he may shed some light on this. Good Luck…if not I may go to emg.

I had robotic surgery on a Tuesday and had to have the big surgery on Friday.Seven weeks later and still having stomach cramps and diarrhea everyday😢I am afraid something is not right

Hello idkaren. I am nearly three weeks out from right hemicolectomy had to go back to ED for pain. I was scared I might have a problem with leaking anastomosis but CT said ok. I have been told to eat normally so I’m trying to do that but have a stitch type pain in My right side. It’s so hard and a real juggling Match isnt it. I do wish you well and hope you get back to normality soon