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Pain .. Sharp.. And very tender..

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Hi @swatson,

How are you feeling? Did you make an appointment with your doctor to find out what’s causing so much pain?

I was having that type of nerve pain right above my main incision. Doctor prescribed gabapentin (sp). Taken it for 2 nights now seems to fill th pain during the day but both nights I’ve woken exactly at 3:00 am with back aches so bad that I had to get up and take a big dose of ibuprofen. Not sure if it’s a symptom or coincidence. I hope you find something to help. I’ve been pretty consistent with bowel movements by taking Metamucil 2-3x with meals and prescribed Imodium pills 3-4x per day. With the Metamucil I only take one table spoon with a half to 1 cup of water. Keeps blasting and gas down but still seems to work well so far … 4th month without my colon.