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Afib after ablation

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Its been my understanding that there are two different types of meds to treat rhythm and rate problems. Since I had both types of rhythm problems I took two meds- one for each problem. I took propafenone or rythmol for atrial fib and I took metoprolol (and other drugs over the years) for my SVT (supra ventricular tachycardia or rapid rate). Until my 50’s I only took rate drugs. My rapid rate was even and fast (up to 230 BPM) When I developed AFib I was put on rhythm drugs. My rate was still very fast but with the AFib it was also uneven or “all over the place”. Over the years I was prescribed a variety of cocktails as the ones I was on became ineffective over time and I had a lot of break through problems. Sometimes the drugs are interchangeable. I agree with vermontrob – your husband would benefit from seeing cardiologists who are trained in this area- electrophysiology. A reputable EP lab would be a good start. Let us know what you decide.

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hello linda, I am glad you decided to get an second opinion. I had an surgical PVI ablation last april. before the ablation my BP was low, sometimes very low, due to the b-blocker because of the tachycardia.I had all my life). everything changed after the ablation, BP high and heart rate also high. doctors did not worry, they say, this is not uncommon. I had to continue the b-blocker I had before, namely bisoprolol. nothing changed. last september we decided to replace bisoprolol by metoprolol ( I also hoped that this drug would prevent my migraine attacks, did not!) 6 weeks ago we changed again, now nebivolol in combination with a small dosis of an ACE- blocker (lisinopril). a positive effect on the BP was seen 3 weeks later, now normal. the heart rate is still higher than normal .honestly said, I was not happy with an ACE blocker, as I was never a hypertensive patient before the ablation. so I started a literature search , mainly in PUBMED. and I found something interesting. your husband is a hypertensive patient .so probably he needs a medication (ACE-bl. amlodipin or an Sartane). last year there was a publication with the title: perindopril for the prevention of AF recurrence after radiofrequency catheter ablation.one year experience (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27374309).
maybe a bit unusual to read a chinese paper, perhaps you should discuss it ,when you go for a second opinion. perindopril is a ACE blocker. (in germany not on the market, as far as I know in switzerland, In the united states??)

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