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Afib after ablation

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When you say controlled by meds, are you in afib and the rate is controlled? Or on antiarrthmic that keeps you in sinus rhythm? My husband started with afib at age 55, trigger appeared to be very strenuous exercise, such as running in 92 degree, humid day, another time pushing his truck which was stuck in a snowbank. He always needed electrical cardioversion, about every 9 months for 10 years. He decided on ablation hoping to get his life back, he was fit and a competitive runner. He had the near disastrous ablation described already, not only the perforation of his atrium but the ablation didn’t work. Now his afib is more frequent and the rate goes right to 200 so he needs to go to the hospital. It seems more clear that he will need a second opinion in a few months for advice about options. Thanks for sharing your experience, all of you, it helps us to get ideas.

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Early on I had two major events where I needed electrical cardioversion. After we got my dosage of Digoxin right, I have never actually felt my AFIB since, although my doctor tells me I’m always out of rhythm… just not enough top cause me to feel any discomfort. This has been for about the last 10 years. I’ve also lost over 100 lbs in the last two years so, now I no longer need meds for BP or diabetes.
I just went off of Metoprolol a week ago and my BP is on the low side of the normal scale.

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