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RN Linda (@vermontrob)

Afib after ablation

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hello linda,. it must have been a great shock for both of you: a very serious but rare complication of an ablation.
you did not mention enough details, for example, did your husband have a pulmonal isolation (PVI), was it done by radiofrequency or cryo. is/ was there an underlying heart disease, hypertension or no heart disease? before deciding your following steps, I would recommend you both to look for a cardiologic clinic with a good reputation (many expericiences with ablation strategies) and -this is very important- with a department of electrophysiology.because only these cardiologists are able to localize the foci which initiate the atrium fibrillation (AF). in the last few years a lot of research has been done in this field, as they want to get an answer why patients get early or late recurrences of AF in spite of isolated pulmonal veins. they also try to find reliable predictors of AF recurrences before the ablation procedure. so you need somebody who is highly informed about the new results.
I am not sure that the trigger you mentioned, i.e. the high sinus heart rate, might be responsible for the AF episodes. unfortunately it is not that easy.
keep us informed,please.

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He had PVI using radiofrequency I believe, in a reputable center at a teaching hospital. 65 year old with history of hypertension but otherwise fit, healthy and a competitive athlete his whole life. Thanks for your interest and advice.

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