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Afib after ablation

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Hello @vermontrob, your own insights and those of @martishka are well beyond my experience and capacity to join in this vital discussion. My main (but limited) involvement was my wife’s diagnosis of SVT almost 20 years ago now. It arose with her diagnosis of Diabetes-2 and is now not a symptom — thanks either to the 25mg daily Tenormin beta blocker or to her success in managing her Diabetes-2 with Glipizide and smart nutrition. She never had symptoms of A-fib. That may help home-in on a complex of symptoms that you won’t have to worry about.

The A-fib in my family is mine. Gratefully, it is essentially asymptomatic and has raised no thoughts of ablation. Perhaps my daily 50mg Carvedilol put my A-fib under control. My only inconvenience is daily 7.5mg doses of Coumadin and lab tests every six weeks to make sure that this anticoagulant is within proper bounds (INR=2.0-2.8). So I have not much to offer, other than my persistent interest and concern in your progress and future good health.

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Can’t really comment on ablation procedure in that my MD has told me another ablation ( I have had two.) is not a good option fof me. I have HCM. I did have a rough Sept and Oct. I had to be cardio verted after being hospitalized twice. I was put on Norpace that really had side effects that I tried to gut out but ended up losing my appetite, being constantly gaseous, apathetic and constipated. I am now on Amiodenone (sp) and am doing better but still have some side effects, plus I get the feeling the Dr.’s see this as a last. Any other HCM out there with some cheery words of advise on meds etc. Thanks.

Forgot to say last resort.

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