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Post intubation tracheal stenosis complications

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@humeraawan, Thank you for posting to our community on Mayo Clinic Connect. I apologize for the delay in response. I’m sorry you are having complications, this must be really tough. I agree with you about getting a second opinion and taking the time to make a decision that will impact your daily living for the rest of your life.
Please use this link for making an appointment at Mayo Clinic .http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63 for your second opinion. At Mayo Clinic you will witness health care collaboration at it’s best.
Also,If you are interested, here is some information on Laryngotracheal reconstruction from the Mayo Clinic http://mayocl.in/2kfMkSU

I would like to introduce you to @brookssh, a community member, who has also experienced trachea dilation.

@humeraawan, I wish you the best with your Health care decisions and recovery! Could you tell me is your surgeon an ENT physician? With the area having an odor, is there anything that helps or days you notice it’s less than others?

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Thank you so much for your reply. My ENT surgeon is Ashley O’Rourke at MUSC in Charleston, SC. For seven years we have been doing dilation, CO2 laser and steroid injections, hoping that the stenosis would “give up” and that it would not get so inflamed causing me to have bi-annual dilations.
I have been following the protocol of Nexium, Flonase and just recently Flovent. Good news is that for the first time, I have now made it to nine months without need for dilation. We believe that the combination of all treatments above may now be having a positive effect. I have avoided resection due to the “big” nature of the surgery and recuperative period, along with the fact that I could re-stenos. Looking to see if anyone out there has had other positive treatments. I have been to Mayo before to discuss Wegener’s and polycondritis, which I am negative for, but may still seek out second opinions about stenosis, inflammation and vocal cord dysfunction. does anyone know who the guru at Mayo is for ISS?

@brookssh, Have you considered traveling to Mayo Clinic for stenosis, inflammation and vocal cord dysfunction? Where do you live?