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Scar tissue after knee replacement

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I have been hesitant to write as I am 10 days post op of revision of left TKR. Initial surgery was June 2017. I wrote on here about three month# post op. I was being treated for scar tissue. After extensive physical therapy there was no change. In March this year I had a manipulation. Two weeks post op, back to the same. Doctor wanted me to work harder on scar tissue by doing lunges with left foot on first step of step stool or just a step, pushing forward with all my might, taking 2 10 mg Percocet and 800m ibuprofens at least 3 times a day. After 2 months I got nowhere so the plan was another manipulation arthroscopically and removal of scar tissue. Post op appointment was not to my liking as he told my daughter who was with me, most people go back to where they were.
I canceled my surgery as this was not convincing me I had a chance.

I started my search for a second opinion. By the grace of god, I am sure, I got an appointment with orthopedic who does revisions. He told me at first appointment that he didn’t think my problem was scar tissue. He felt there was a problem with the fit or other possibilities.
He found multiple problems and fixed them all. Fit being one of them and the straightness of cut on tibia that needed shaving.
After surgery I had full extension and have maintained it. PT has been to my home twice and I can see some flexion happening.

My point of writing this is the value of a second opinion and finding a doctor who accepts the challenge of wanting to help you. I was turned away by two other Orthopaedic who did not want to take on what someone else started. My doctor is known for doing revisions
Like many of you I lived with pain and fear of addiction.

Feel free to respond and I will do my best to help if I can.

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I completely agree you need to get a second opinion if there is still pain after the TKR. I did too. And my second was done by a professor that teaches revisions at the Orthopedic school in the Houston Medical Center. With his help, infection and improper alignment (like you mentioned) were ruled out.

I had no idea there are sub-specialists in Orthopaedics but apparently there are – and treating problem implants is one of them!

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