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Scar tissue after knee replacement

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Hello @maggiet, and welcome to Connect.

I can understand your frustrations and concerns as I have experienced all of what you are experiencing now. I had my right knee replaced at age 19 because of a genetic disability that left my right knee with end-stage arthritis beginning at the age of 9. I had a horrid recovery and also had two manipulations because my scar tissue growth was so aggressive. My range-of-motion was 10-40 degrees for the better part of the first year.

I kept with my rehab and stayed active, and eventually I felt a “pop” in my knee and over the next few days I went to 0-100 degree flexion and extension. This all developed 1.5-2 years after my initial replacement. I can say 11 years later, my knee has not degraded at all and my quality of life is so much better. Stick with it, it will come, even if it takes longer than what others maybe expected. Stick with the PT & keep your spirits up.

@maggiet, how are your exercises going? I admit that I did not push myself hard enough because of the pain and that hindered my progress. How is your pain?

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Hi Justin. I hope youre still around on these boards- I read your story about the end stage arthritis you had at such an early age. My daughter was born with JRA, now they call it JIA (juvenille rhumatoid arthritis). She had knee destruction by the time she was 12. At 37 she had bi later TKR. Now two years later one leg is totally frozen. she cant bend the knee at all. tomorrow she starts physical therapy again. I dont know what they can do since I believe she had scar tissue growth like yourself. How do they tell if theres scar tissue? her xray looks good. Do you get an MRI? I was thinking of taking her back to the surgeon who did the surgery. Im concerned if she cant bend it soon it will be permanently frozen.
any suggestions? Thanks. this board is very helpful though Im reading posts from 2017 I hope you can see this in Dec. 2019.