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Scar tissue after knee replacement

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Hi I had total knee replacement 10 months ago. Lots of swelling. Went to PT had deep tissue massage. VERY painful I felt like I had a very tight band around my knee making it hard to move.. I used a recumbent cross trainer which helped a lot. Getting into the pool and walking had an immediate effect on bringing down the swelling. After 3 months I did fairly well. I was bothered for a long time with sciatic pain making it hard to sit and ride in a car. I had second knee replaced 8 weeks ago. Almost no swelling very good range of motion right after the operation. Doing exercises twice a day and icing 3 time a day. This time around so much better. Some stiffness in knee but nothing compared to last time. My only problem is the hip/butt pain is back but not as bad. Has anyone else had this problem???

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It’s been 4 months for me since my double. Had poor flex and they went back in and manipulated me at the 7 week mark. Immediately scar tissue built back up again even as I went to PT daily.
I’m slowly building up flex. I went to a massage person that specialized in the lymphatic system. She got the swelling down pretty quickly.
I’m at 115 and 120. I’m hoping I’ll get more flex or they’ll have to go in orthiscopically.
St Patty’s day I ran into another gimp in a bar. He had knee replacement the same day I did and was struggling with pain in the back of his knee. His surgeon thought it was scar tissue and was waiting a few months to go in and clear it out.
Ice, ice , ice! That’s what everyone has told me to do. It does seem to help. Hang in there. Linda

Cheris: had tkr surgery 2 weeks ago. Scar problems may or may not develop. However, have dealt with Sciatica on both sides for almost a decade, and the PT exercises for knee, plus slightly off gait at times, really do aggravate this problem. Right now my butt is sore, Sciatic nerve angry, and Trochanter muscle protesting. However, and here’s the good news: once you are able to do specific stretch exercises (PT person has info) for/against Sciatica, it does go away. Had arthroscopic surgery on same knee 11 months ago, and it took roughly 2 months before I was able to resume the back exercises, but that took care of it. Have been doing those daily for almost 6 years, so no instant solution.

Hi Cheris. I had my TKR 5 mths ago. Same results as you had…swelling, tight banding, stiffness and extreme locked spams of IT band, hip and SI joint in my butt. I've gone to PT for 5 mths now and I do the exercises on my own as well. I have had numerous "extreme" surgeries with instrumentation on my spine and rt. pelvis which went through total reconstruction at Mayo in 2003. I have never developed scar tissue and always diligently done my PT, and insisted on more to full range of motion was achieved. My knee surgery has also left me with a inbalanced state and I've fallen a number of times. I have a "popping' sound and feeling between my knee and my hip and it's constant when I take a walk. Knee and lower leg still very swollen and I ice 2-3 X day. Years ago, I locked my shoulder with a fall, and was scheduled to have the scar tissue broken by a surgeon. I was moving a very large painting and frame begain to twist and I couldn't just let it go so I held on. As my arm raised up and slightly back, I heard and felt a loud pop. That was it and I then had free range of movement in my shoulder again. I would do the same to break the scar tissue in my knee if I knew it would solve my full range of motion issue and was safe, but not certain how to accomplish. My surgeon is an older surgeon and he offers no advice on how to manage with the scar tissue and hasn't mentioned lazar treatments. Has anyone else experienced this and if so how did you rectify the situation and regain your full movement? Thank you for your suggestions….my life is on hold and I live alone and must manage caring for my home, dogs, property as well as my health. I'm very discouraged at this point and it only seems to be getting worse with the falls. I appreciate any advice. Thanks so much.

I too have developed sciatic pain after my knee replacement , My knee is doing good as it is only been five weeks however the pain in my butt and down my legs also makes it hard for me to sit for long times or stand for a long time. Going to therapy to see if there’s anything they can do for it to help me along

Yes! I wasn't bothered with my sciatica for 5 years until my knee surgery! The water excercise does help it, and the knee.

Hip/butt pain, oh yes. I found that CBT oil actually got rid of the butt pain which I have had for years. Then I forgot about it and missed taking the CBT oil so the pain came back.

I had hip and butt pain immediately after surgery. That was my main complaint. It continued for weeks until I finally went to a massage therapist/chiro and he spent an hour at a time focusing on my piriformis and the area on the outer side over the trochanter. It was like a rock. Now that it isn’t as tight it feels better. PT was mainly focused on getting my knee moving. (I had and still have lots of scar tissue @ 11 weeks post surgery.

Hi- I had my right knee replaced six weeks ago. I also iced my knee regularly, did PT exercises at least twice a day at home and went to PT 3x week. I’m at 130 ROM and 2 degrees flex; HOWEVER, my right side lumbar area of my back is killing me and my right gluteus hurts periodically. I did have L3-4 surgery in 2018 but that pain went away after the surgery. Now it is worse than ever. My PT is mainly working on stretches and exercises for my core and back rather than my knee since it is better. I’m so disappointed that one problem turned into a worse problem. My knee surgeon took an x-ray of my back and said there is more degeneration than in 2018. I’m afraid I may need more surgery on my back, but I don’t want to rush into anything if this is “normal” after knee surgery and may go away. Has anyone else had this experience and did the pain gradually go away?

.husband just went to our ortho about the hip/sciatica pain and he said it was the ischial tuberosity where the hamstrings connect, bone right under the glutes. Doc is sending him to pt. Also discovered some curvature of spine which would also cause an imbalance of muscles. He has pain when driving long distances as well.

I’m 9 weeks in and I also have terrible sciatica pain, hip, SI joint pain from the TKR surgery. Had the pain the minute I came out of recovery and has just got worst over time. I’ve had PT for knee and the above problems. I just found a new chiropractor that is finally helping me. Find out if you have periformis syndrome because I was just diagnosed with that from all the problems that were created during the surgery and now that I’m being treated for that I finally am getting so much better. Periformis syndrome doesn’t get diagnosed as much as it should on people and it can greatly affect everything in the butt and hip area. I’m finally getting better. It’s been a tough and painful road.

Your gait may have changed, or favoring one leg post surgery can do it. Have the therapist treat it.

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