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Scar tissue after knee replacement

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Hi there …. yes, I’ve had scar tissue develop also. It developed slowly over time, but by the time I hit the 1 year mark, my surgeon went in – arthroscopically – and cleaned it up. But, it never was right, and in another year I had to have a revision – a totally new replacement. Since then, my knee could not be any better. I don’t know why this happens to some and not to others … but after several other options had been tried, including the arthroscopic surgery, I opted to just do the revision …. I’m glad I did.

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hi relating but early in my recovery, 5 months, my MD says if scar tissue does not go away I will get arthroscopic procedure. My knee was only damaged in the knee cap, the other sides are good. When you had your knee replaced were the other parts of the knee damaged and in need of replacement? Or was it a decision to go to TKR suggested to solve the problem because partials dont really work?

Friends who had partial had problems and wished they did TKR. My TKR swelled when I exercised in the pool. Been three years and my swelling has finally gone down. Drs had no answers. Glad I did stem cells on the other knee so I can garden easier and get down on one knee. My experience from friends is everyone is different. Good luck.

After the first TKR failed, 2nd TKR was done 2 yrs later. I will never have another one. The pain was too sever for me. I will never have another TKR done! It has taken 4 yrs for the calf muscles to have feelings

I am curious what brand knee you had the first time and if the revision was done using the same knee or different one. I am 13 months out with my Smith & Nephew knee and my range of motion has gone down to under 110. At 3 months I had 120. Saw surgeon the other day, he claims I'm fine, but didn't offer to do a MRI to check for scar tissue. Suggests I just walk and bike and go about life and lower my expectations. Hmmmm….. Not sure how to handle that. Any advise?

Sounds like you had luck with stem cell therapy. Can you tell me more about that? Painful procedure? How many procedures? I don't believe insurance covers it. What cost is incurred?

my stem cell procedure for the knee was $7000, and for the back was $1000. I have had a follow up procedure to keep the arthritis at bay for the knee. No pain and had a cane to get home the first day and after that, watched TV and read for the first 2 weeks . That was it. The back was easier. Told not to mow the lawn or ride a bike. No pain. Do my stretching every day. Sure beats surgery.
Problem i see is a lot of unqualified people trying to do it wth no training. Its like the wild west out there. Do your homework.

What kind of doctor did this procedure. I had a THR 8 months ago. Had an intraoperative fracture that was set with a wire curclage. Initially did well. Developed iliopsoas tendonitis which after 5 months has improved somewhat. Have full range of motion but hip area is very tight – it feels like someone has placed tight strings around my upper leg and butt nusckes and are pulling them in oppositedirections. I have numbness, tingling and pain that is not related to the tendinitis. Recently had mri if hip and also of pelvic and lateral hip sensory nerves. Both showed significant fibrous adhesions. The Otho, not the one who did the surgery, said the scars were caused by the anterior approach and that if I had them removed they would come back. The neurologist and nerve mri diagnosed entrapment of the lateral cutaneous femoral nerve probably from scar tissue. The neurologist said the condition is permanant but I could have the sensory nerve cut to alleviate the pain and that it should be done by a plastic surgeon. She did not know anyone that did this. Most if the time I am more bothered by the tightness. I’m interested in attempting to have the scar tissue removed or at least would like a consult but do not know what kind of doctor does this. Any ideas?

I need a knee revision, was wondering how much p/t is recommended?

@ I read amberpep's post I have a very similar result. My knee was hurting really bad 13 months after my total knee replacement.The knee was keeping me up at night The doctor performed an arthroscopy and cleaned all the scar tissue he could. It helped some as I could sleep at night. I am still in a lot of pain. I have not been excercising as much due to the weather being terrible. Should keep on exercising, or look a having surgery again?

Hello Amberpep, I had bilateral knee replacement a little over a year ago and did very well at the time but now I seem to be losing more and more range of motion. I am just curious what your ROM was before your new replacement and what it is now? Just trying to figure out what my “new normal” may be! Thanks in advance!

What is a revision and what do they do?

Hello amberpep, I hope you don't mind but I have a couple questions because I'm having serious scar tissue problems and may need another replacement. So are you saying that you had scar tissue build-up after your first replacement but then no scar tissue build-up after your second replacement? Also, did you notice improvement after the arthroscopy? And why was it that they/you decided to have a second replacement? Thanks for helping, Dave

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