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Treatment for chronic epstein barr

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What are Ozone treatments?

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Hi @michellebelle — here is some information I found about ozone treatments that may provide a better understanding.

Newsmax.com article in their NewsMax-Health: Ozone Therapy: Hope for Chronic Illnesses

I also found a video that may be more relevant.
Epstein Barr Virus Disease (EBV) KO'd by Oxidation Therapy – YouTube


My son started ozone treatments 2 weeks ago, hasn’t felt any difference. His holistic Dr is suggesting 10 treatments, one a week. Very expensive and experimental but several drs I spoke to said it’s safe as long as proformed by Dr that has experience doing it. It is an IV therapy with ozone and light supposedlcleaning and oxygenating blood. I will keep posted if we notice any help. I stated in an earlier post does anyone have titanium dental or jaw implants?

If you Google UltraViolet Ozone Therapy you can read about it. It has been around since the 1920's and many Naturopath nurses know how to do the IV work.

@lynnieb1 Hi there. I tried the ozone treatment years ago (maybe 15) in Mexico (I lived an hour from Mexico, in Tucson, Az.). I had bronchiectasis at that time, but did not understand the severity of it at that time. A friend of mine had suggested that I try the ozone treatment. I felt so bad and desparate at that time; that I tried it, although I was somewhat skeptical. I have to admit, I did feel invigorated afterwards. It was expensive and I did not continue with it.