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NET - Insulinoma

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No doubt. They gave me D50 after my fast and it spiked and then dropped to 20. Fortunately a nurse was in the room with me at the time as the drop happened so fast that I was not alert or aware enough to call for help. They treated again with glucagon and D50 and the same occurred with a drop to 25. After the 3 round of medication they put me on a continuous dextrose drip until it stabilized.
On a related note, I am flying back from Mayo today. After a week of testing, they found 2 additional insulinomas. Will be spending some quality time at Mayo in the near future.

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@ahtaylor I’m sorry to hear of the two new insulinomas, even though you are probably not surprised given the symptoms. Are Illinoisans always located in the pancreas (and is that why they affect blood sugar)?

@ahtaylor Hi, its been a while since we last heard from you. I am under the impression that you will be having surgery in the near future. Has a surgery date been set yet? Keep in touch with us as you are able. Teresa

Thanks for asking!  I am coming back to Mayo the week of 3/13. I will be having more testing that week to better localize the tumors and then surgery at the end of the week. Take care.

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