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Typical Carcinoid Tumor in Lungs

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Thanks Teresa for the prompt answer , I saw the oncologist on the 18th of June to discuss the operation options I was shocked when they told that I am scheduled to be operated on , the 21st of June , which I rejected , I asked about the " Wait and Watch " option , are there any statistics to back up such option ? He gave me only one option which is lobectomy , my carcinoid is in the middle lobe of the right lung in the middle of the lobe on the bronchi , as I look at US cancer society site it shows so many other options , your help is really appreciated .

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Hello @ghassan

I am glad that you did not allow yourself to be rushed into an earlier surgery.
The most important thing is to consult with a Carcinoid specialist. From my understanding there are many in Europe. Here is a link to a website that will give you names and locations of carcinoid specialists throughout the world, https://www.carcinoid.org/for-patients/treatment/find-a-doctor/ In looking through the list there seem to be several in Sweden. Please keep in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you again.


Hello @ghassan

It has been awhile since you last posted and I was wondering how you are feeling. Have you made any decision yet regarding treatment (or not) for your lung carcinoid? Have you received any other medical opinions?

I hope you will post a follow up as you feel comfortable doing so, @ghassan.