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Cerebellar Atrophy in Children

Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases | Last Active: Aug 14, 2017 | Replies (27)

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Hello @godisnumber1, welcome to Connect. I am sorry to hear about your grandson’s diagnosis of cerebral atrophy.

I would like to invite @pec2884, @howardjames, @dmkmom04, to join this conversation as they have experience with this disease and may be able to help provide you with some insight on what it is and what to expect. Cerebral Atrophy is very rare, but we do have a few members who have discussed it. While we wait for these members to share their experiences, you can read a bit more about Multiple System Atrophy (MSA – includes cerebral) from Mayo Clinic http://mayocl.in/1KHdbMf.

@godisnumber1, has the medication for the seizures helped get them under control? What other concerns do you have that you would like to learn from other members?

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This is howardjames wife, Noreen. Where was your grandson diagnosed and how old is he. I have only two others who have been diagnosed with this. My husband is now walking with a walker and is having speech problems. He was diagnosed at Mayo Clinic and the doctor there was spot on with diagnosis and life expectancy. I have not heard of a child having it as it is so rare. Noreen(wife of howardjames).

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