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Hi @ dab63, wow you just gave me flash backs to a horrible time in my life! I absolutely feel your husbands pain. Thank you @colleenyoung for tagging me.

I will highly suggest you insist on an MRI of the sternum. His symptoms are mirrored mine. I ended up having a paired over fracture through the sterno manubrium joint. If this is what he has 1st I he will breath very shallow because every time he takes a breath it causes his chest to rise and fall which moves the joint which pinches nerves and splinter the cartilage which after time results in a costochondral Chondritis of course speaking only from many years experience and 3 surgeries to repair because sternal fracture's ALMOST always heal on their own but some cases don't. 27 doctors later we ended up removing the sternal manubrium joint. We tried wiring but the wires broke in 2 place during physical therapy. So we cut it all out but 2 years later the bones grew back together and broke during an an exercise class I was doing with 2 pound weights. So 3rd surgery we made the hole bigger so my 2,3,4 & 5th ribs are floating but no more pain and no more chronic pneumonia.

So I had MRI and then a bone scan to determine if the healing process had stopped. Mine had stopped so surgery was my only option to start the healing process again. Note: sternal injuries can take six months to a year to heal. He would greatly benefit from learning biofeedback.

I will post some information for you both to review.

Prayers for healing

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Thank you, I will give him this information and insist the doctor dig into this.

I appreciate it!