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Managing Lifelong Mental Health as a Senior

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Hi @georgette12 and All, I just noticed on one of your posts that you are having an issue with MCC and drafts. As @colleenyoung responded, I do not think that the ability to save drafts is available at this time. Frankly I am not sure whether they will ever offer it for several reasons including the amount extra space they would need and the cleanup that would need to be done on a regular basis to trash the orphaned drafts.
May I suggest that you use notebook, word or some other text app. that you can save your drafts to while you “multi-task”. Once you are done with, & happy with your message you can post it via cut & paste. Viola. Not great, but an alternative.
BTW, I too learned by way of the disappearing draft!!! ha ha

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Hi everyone, I just started reading this because I got an email. I think anyone that has severe and prolonged trauma in childhood should consider whether they have dissociative disorder. It’s a trauma related disorder from childhood trauma. Your mind splits in childhood to deal with trauma. It allowed you to function even though people were hurting you. Not allowed to talk about it. Be normal. Get good grades. Keep secrets. Pretend everything is OK when it is not. I deal with my dissociative disorder by reading my Bible every day, hiking in the woods, and seeing a psychologist weekly that understands dissociative disorder. I do go to church but I don’t expect people to understand. I go to church for worship and a pastoral message. They aren’t able to deal with mental health because they’re not professionals. Forgive them. Live. Linda

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