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Managing Lifelong Mental Health as a Senior

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Hi, CH @chsharpei . I understand wanting to end the suffering, as I went through an extended period of time when I wanted to end my life. I did make a number of attempts, but each time, to my frustration, when I woke up, I was still here on earth. I was angry that I couldn’t even do that right.

I’ve been in a much safer place over the past few years, though, as I tell my therapist, I still have the suicidal thoughts.

Most of us don’t want to go through a long, painful period of suffering during our last months or years of our lives. Dying peacefully in our sleep and waking up in Heaven is much more desirable.

Do you have knowledge that your health will decline to a disastrous level? Can you picture in your mind what a peaceful process it could be? Sometimes our fears control the outcome. I hope you can set aside those fears, even temporarily, and project a positive future for yourself.


@jimhd I am pretty much at peace with the prospect of dying. I am very happy to have been given more time to spend with my son and daughter though, and I know when the time comes for either me or my husband that it will be very hard for them, particularly my son. He is a very feeling guy and very conscious of the fact that we are not young so he tries to be very there for us, as much as he can be since he lives across the country in CA. I love that he invited us to spend vacation with him in October, in Hawaii. It’s a real splurge but we have not had any vacation in three years so when he suggested it I said YES. I am dreading the flights though. First across the country to CA and then from there to Hawaii. UGH
I think peace comes from believing in an afterlife, and for me part of that is being reunited with loved ones who have already passed away. I envision them welcoming me to my afterlife.

I am 61 and dreading the day my father passes. My mother went three years ago and it started me on a downward spiral knowing my father would be the last one left of parenting. I have always had abondonment issues and the anxiety in the past three years is atrocious. I am trying to work through this but I feel pressure that I have to make peace with him before he goes. He lives right next door to me and it isn’t like we don’t get along but he was very controlling and I have some anger to deal with. I do believe that there is a beautiful place my mother is because she has shown her presence to me.

@mlbaier Many of us also have issues that we cannot get beyond but we have to try to, we are only punishing ourselves when we don’t. My husband is extremely controlling but both of our children love him and very obviously forget just how controlling he was or choose to move beyond that. Frankly for me it’s a bit more difficult because I have lived with it for so long and it has really effected my life.
Please do try to put your anger aside. I try to but sometimes I am not successful at it.

Hi, JK @contentandwell

Our kids are, and will always be, a great blessing to us and a source of joy. I enjoy traveling. I think the worst part of flying is going through the process of checking in, waiting and loading. Once we’re cruising, I enjoy the view, and landing is interesting, seeing the city from Google Earth’s vantage point.

And it’s surely faster than driving. Especially to Hawaii.


@jimhd I get very nudgy up there sitting for so long. I rarely can read or watch a movie due to that, but I can sleep, which I do. The night before I can never sleep either so I need the sleep.


I know how it feels to lose parents. It can be difficult, regardless of what our relationships with them are. Sometimes there’s guilt, or devastation, or extended grief.

Do you have someone to talk with about your anxiety? Therapists have been very helpful to me with that struggle. I hope you have, or will find someone to walk through this with you. I pray that God will give you peace of mind.


Thank you. I do have a therapist but it still falls back to me and dealing

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