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Managing Lifelong Mental Health as a Senior

Mental Health | Last Active: Mar 17, 2020 | Replies (489)

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Hello @georgette12 and welcome to Mayo Connect. You have joined a wonderful online community of folks who are interested in health topics and sharing information about what has helped and encouraged them. Please feel free to share with us as to what brought you to Mayo Connect. Is there a specific health issue you or a family member/freind is dealing with? All of us came to Mayo Connect as a result of some health-related issue and we have found support and help along the journey. We look forward to getting to know you! Best wishes. Teresa

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Thank you for your warm welcome. I am also following the forum on mental health. I am a senior with a history of migraines and mental issues that i think are both genetic and also a result of consistent trauma since childhood. To deal with all of this, i have spent my entire adult life studying different traditional and holistic methodologies from different cultures. Alas, i have reached this advanced age with the only conclusion i keep ending up with. Nothing works. I am speaking only for myself of course. I am very aware that many people have found healing in their lives, from both physical and mental conditions. I am just not one of them. When i stumbled on this site, i was impressed with its message. Shared experiences and caring people can help heal all of us. Blessings.

Hi Georgette12,
I add my welcome to Kanaaz’s. Thank you for the lovely comments about the tone and message of the Connect community. We are indeed proud of the supportive and informative nature of the conversations.

Also thank you for telling us a bit more about yourself. I think you bring a great topic of discussion to the Mental Health group. With your permission, I’d like to change the title of this discussion. “Managing Life-Long Mental Health as a Senior” Or perhaps you have a better suggestion. I open to ideas.

Colleen, thanks so much for your kind letter. I think you have a good idea in terms of discussing managing mental health issues as a senior, after a lifelong challenge with this disease. This issue can be further complicated as we age because many people do have memory loss and other symptoms of aging, and it is very difficult to tell the difference between life-long anxiety or depression and other mental health issues…….and age-related symptoms or conditions. Am i feeling depressed because i cannot do the things i used to do, or am i depressed because i do not have chronic depression under control.

My question would be: i have been barely able to manage my mental health issues since a child…and now, at 72, i am dealing with the recent suicide of my eldest son, and my youngest son who is suffering from psychosis and refuses treatment. He has disappeared from my life because he hears voices that tell him to cut all ties with his mother. I am sharing this information because i know there are many people who suffer from “traumatic grief” with complications, and PTSD and other mental health issues. So….how do you manage trauma, and its myriad symptoms, while maintaining good mental health. Along with the natural anxiety and challenges of aging. Blessings.

georgette I was impressed on how you went out of the box of treatments to find a way to deal with your illnesses. I to am a student of finding anyway to resolve emotional and physical ailments. I take suppliments for medical issues and have gone to acupuncturists for also was ails me and chiropracters. The latter has worked by the acupuncturists have not. The suppliments have work and continue to do so . Even if my doctors turn their noses down to it. But as they said if it doesn’t hurt than continue. I am glad that you found this group where talking about what ever you want to get put you in touch with people like yourself and can share many stories. And like me have found the conversations enlisting and helpful. So keep up the fight and open up to connect and hopefully you will find it helpful.

I am an alcoholic in recovery and I have had major depression which is mostly controlled by medication. It look forward to being able to connect with others who have these problems or a dual diagnosis

I too am an alcoholic. I am depressed so much that my world is crumbling down in front of me. I worry about every little thing and that I know doesn’t help A thing. Depression runs in my family and I have fought it for many years. It isn’t easy but I have a wonderful husband that is supportive and kind. I use alcohol to drown my pain even though I am on medication for depression. My physciatist (I know thats spelt wrong) has told me that alcohol is a downer and try to stay away from it. I don’t drink on a constant basis but I have at least one drink every day.

Hello Georgette12. I am a 72 yr old man who has suffered with life long depression. I wasn’t diagnosed until my 50s. I’ve been on 180mg daily of Effexor. It seemed to work for some years but it seems to have stopped helping over the past few years. I wonder if I should try something else.

Hello @ricktrout and welcome to Mayo Connect. We are glad that you have chosen to join this online support group. Many people in our discussion group have discussed medications that they have taken for depression and I’m sure that they will be joining you in this discussion in the near future. Please feel free to continue to share with us, as you are comfortable, more about the ways you cope with depression. Also, have you discussed the medication problem with your doctor? We will be a listening ear for you. Best wishes as you work through this situation. Teresa

Hello Teresa. Yes, I’m seeing my dr. This week and plan to discuss my medication issue.


I tried a number of antidepressants, and landed on Bupropion (Wellbutrin). I think I tried a couple of other meds that would enhance the Bupropion, but they didn’t seem to be any help. I started my first antidepressant, Celexa, around 15 years ago. Along with the help of therapists (still seeing one), and the support of my wife, church, God’s care, and my service dogs, I’ve come a long way.

I believe you’ll find the medication that will work best for you.