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I have been diagnosed, several years ago, with LPR. I am currently taking 40 MG Omeprozole twice a day and 300 mg of Randitinine and still experiencing reflux. My ENT and my GI doctors said I was a candidate for the LINX Procedure since the medicine, high doses, is not stopping the reflux. I’m also concerned about the side effects the medicine can have on my body. How many procedures has the Mayo Clinic done with the LINX Procedure?

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Dr Harold at Phoenix Mayo has been doing the Linx for a long time, she was one of the first doctors to do it. She had written a paper on it.

What determines if you are a candidate? I experience some moderate pain (30% of time) but do not get any response to when I should consider surgery.

You are a candidate for a procedure when both medicine to reduce reflux and diet no longer work. An endoscopy will show if scarring occurred in the escophugus due to acid reflux.

Thank you, Saucy

This makes sense – I have requested another endoscopy. Thanks!

Would I still be a candidate for Lyns I had an Esophagogasttroducdemoscopy on 3/2017 and the findings were:
1. HYPOPHARYNX: Stenosis WASFOUND in the cricopharyngeus.
2. A hiatus hernia was found i the GE junction.
3. Mild gastritis was found in the antrum. two biopsies taken
4. Normal duodenum.

4/2017. Results of Esopagram
1. Esophageal dysmotility

6/8/2017 Manometry Study
1. Disphagia

I have a demeister score of 4.6 with severe reflux and spastic esophagus.

My demeister score is 34.6

Hi @cab26,

I’m tagging @squaredancer @bergem @pattitoo as they have shared their experiences withe esophageal issues and EGD or Esophagogastroduodenoscopy. You can view their and other members’ conversation here:
– Esophagus issues https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/esophagus-issues/

Thank you.

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