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Insomnia. Nothing seems to help.

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To say that you don’t sleep invites a thousand questions – are you ill, stressed, under- or over-exercising?
I slept the sleep of the dead for a solid 6-7 hours every night until I had my son – I was an “older” mother -35.
Then, I got so stressed about the baby monitor, I stopped sleeping.
I’ve been on Ambien for 20+ years, and it never gave me more than 4 hours of down time.
My Dr. just put me on Seriquil, and now I have trouble getting back out of sleep. Too Strong.
Yoga? Warm Milk at night? Using sound tracks that put you into theta sleep?
Hot baths with Epsom salts seem to be very effective for me
when nothing else works…Pot? It knocks me out. Tell me more about why you don’t sleep.
I find if I get overactive in they evening – I’m doomed for sleep. Take care.
Tell more.

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I was on ambien for 15 or so years until I changed a calendar and didn’t remember doing it.  Now I take xanax and hope for the best.  I really don’t know why I have difficulty.  Never had this much until I starting these new meds.  Hope that I adjust and can go back to my usual difficulty.  I think a lot of it is too active a mind.  Wish I knew.  Liked the tips. Pot sounds good … under the tongue.  I suppose there is no inhaling for us!

But wait until you want to get off the Xanax some time later, not easy.

Hi all I had alot of trouble at first but then a nurse told me that at bedtime about 30 minutes before shut it all electronics take a combination of Magnesium and Calcium listen to soothing music take your pain med and Melotonin it takes several days for your body to adjust but eventually you will have no trouble getting g to sleep of course be stressfree, turn your mind of.

@lioness sounds good but turning your mind off is more easily said than done.

Know what you mean I have been anxious the last several days so nothing helped me but generally I can best of luck

Wow! You have a doctor that allows pot when you’re in Ambien? Not the doctors here in Michigan. They cut you off and believe me the withdrawals aren’t fun!

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