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Hello, I took serrapeptase for a while. I really had no idea if it was working and, as it was rather expensive I stopped in favour of several other supplements (which, combined appear to have contained my myelofibrosis without medication since diagnosis in early 2011). I recently added broccoli sprouts powder and quercetin to my liposomal vitamin C mixture which I take daily having been told they might reduce the fibrin. However, I had a sound scan yesterday and my spleen is bigger even though my blood counts are good and my consultant recently said I was 'unusually' stable. I am looking now at Serra Enzyme® 250,000IU Maximum Strength Serrapeptase. It is £50 for 80 ... gulp! I do not have savings of any quantity but have never stinted on experimenting with otherwise harmless options so would count myself reckless not to try it! I say throw caution to the winds and dare to spend where the results 'may' be positive!!

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stimme, before investing in the enzyme look further into tuning up the lymph system since the spleen is part of the lymphatic system you may experience a reduction in spleen size by approaching it in it's entirety. There are a lot of info on doing just that such as these two by Dr. Axe. Also research what castor oil packs do for the lymph system and for glutathione and what glutathione does for the body. The last link is about increasing glutathione.