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I think it was Patrick Holford who said, 'remember, most doctors only got a pass mark!' Sadly, very, very few seem to take their research further than the prescribed syllabus and this is influenced by the actions of the pyramid principle - the people at the top, except in very special circumstances are those who pleased their previous bosses by saying 'yes'! My consultant, despite his apology that if he didn't go by the book would be dismissed, is essentially pretty enlightened. He agreed that the NHS, for example, is 10-15 years behind the latest research. It s the problem of getting the new information to the top of the pyramid before it can be filtered down. Both these processes take years to accomplish!
Meanwhile, my Herbalist told me that Milk Thistle is good only if taken apart from the other herbs and supplements I am taking as it tends to neutralise their effect. The only symptom I have, following a purely natural set of protocols, is a swollen spleen and occasional fatigue (diagnosed MF in 2010). I am looking forward to making my next batch of liposomal C when with the curcumin and broccoli sprouts I will be adding the quercetin that Onamission recommended!

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I recently learned pterostilbene from blueberries offers greater quercetin absorption than resveratrol. Going in that direction I found a JAK2 inhibitor refered to as G6 showing an impressive ability to shrink the spleen and reduce bone marrow fibrosis in myelofibrosis in a cureative way instead of palative as discussed in the first article: I looked for a patent on G6 and posted it below. Under description at position 0001 mention is made of α-glycosyl isoquercitrin also called alpha glycosyl isoquercitrim which is found at a lower position. I brought this to your attention in hopes your consultant can put all of this in perspective.Alpha glycosyl isoquercitrim is available is supplement form. However, do you think a liposomal preparation overcomes the absorption problems noted at 0008?