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Hi, Edimari, if it works go for it. The important thing to remember is that the immune system is usually able to cope with most assaults. I read a book recently entitled The Healing Codes. In it, the two writers, a PhD and a Doctor explain clearly how it is that stress is at the root cause of 99% of diseases. It is simple: when we are stressed we go into fight or flight mode. This means that the blood leaves all the defences and goes to the muscles for immediate action. If the cause of the stress goes or actual physical action takes place then everything returns to normal, and the organs and immune system are once more protected. If, however, for some reason, we remain too long in stress then we do become vulnerable, The book gives exercises to overcome this. Perhaps this might help too!

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stimme, your right about the effects of stress. According to "krispin magnesium" it causes a loss of magnesium which protects the body from stress so maintaining adequate magnesium levels should be priority one through magnesium rich foods and/or supplements. I noted earlier you had to stopped using serrapeptase because of cost. I found the dietary flavanoid quercetin possesses anti fibrosis properties and when paired with the flavanoid kaempferol each enhances the other. They are JAK and HDAC inhibitors. Problem is poor absorption. Good candidates for liposome delivery.