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hEHello out there. My name is Nancy Bush (shortshot80,net) I arrived on the Mayo Clinic site because I have 2 types of Lung Cancer. My son who will be 62 in August has been diagnosed with Jak 2 a little over a year ago. He has since been unable to work in his profession ( Plaster Contractor. Some one told him that perhaps this could have been contracted by “radiation”. What causes this disease? Is there anything he can do besides take this “(Hydroxyurea caplets? His body hurts all the time and his doctor tells him that he isn’t supposed to have any pain… But he does and cannot get any pain pills. At this time he doesn’t have any money/insurance to go to another doctor. Also just some information ## son’s second wife has lung cancer mastized to her lymph nodes. and his first wife died of “melanomah”. Any answers would be appreciated.. Nancy

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Sorry to here he joined our band of rare misfits….I have had Primary MF for two years, been to numerous doctors chasing cause, effect, and treatment. From two Specialists in the field…seems to be something that just IS in your body waiting to kick in. Usually kicks in after 55…not always…and may not kick in at all…I went back to my annual physical documents and there were signs…but no symptoms.
I too take Hydrea with what my doc says are Very rare side effects. Some expected. Talked about some alternative drugs…but Hydrea is cheap…Jakafi would cost me $7000 a mont. good news lots of other options…and I have the Jak2 as well…just trade cost to manage vs the actual side effects you get. Hope that helps…good luck to you both!