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Hi @wellness3070. I’d also like to introduce you to other members who have myelofibrosis or are caring for a family member who does. @rcand10s @gael and @bjsdancer will you join us in welcoming our newest member?

Wellness, I echo Teresa’s question. When were you diagnosed? Are you in treatment?

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@I was diagnosed about 4 1/2 years ago . My main medication is ruxolitinib or jacofy . I am at a moderate level and considered stable . I take other meds as well.

Thanks for reply. I, too, am on Jakafi and have been treated for condition for about 3 years. My basic side effects are decrease in RBC production and a low Hemoglobin, causing chronic leg weakness. Otherwise, stable.Are other meds related to myelofibrosis ?

I was treated for high platelets for years,About three years I was diagnosed with myelofibroma by my hematologist and started taking Jakafi to decrease the fibrosis.My condition has been stable over these many months, but have a low RBC and Hemoglobin reading. As a result, my leg weakness has been constant and my endurance has decreased.I’m curious re. the effects with other patients.Look forward to continuous discussions.

The other meds are for keeping blood thin- plavix . And others for preventing stroke. I also have a prescription for potassium .
I have no physical symptoms – aches or pains , just fatigue , which fluctuates . My RBP and WBC are low , but not dangerous .
How old are you ?